Tuesday, December 20, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Dep. Knesset Speaker Cohen-Avidov justifies telling his son serving in West Bank to ignore IDF restriction on use of arms against stone-throwers. Student council elections held in Gaza Islamic U. and Bir Zeit U; Student Youth Movement wins all 9 seats in BZU council. Striking dock workers force business, gov't. and port authorities to create special fund to transport cargoes by air.

Arab World: Arafat and some 4,000 loyalists sail from Tripoli on 5 chartered Greek passenger ships escorted by French Navy.

Other Countries: Resolutions adopted in UN Gen. Assembly: denouncing new US-Israeli accord [87-29, 29 abstentions]; condemning increasing collaboration between Israel and S. Africa (especially in nuclear field) [101-18, 20 abst.]; calling for economic and military sanctions against Israel [84-24, 31 abst.]; declaring Israel's decision to impose jurisdiction over Jerusalem null and void [137-1, 3 abst.]; and condemning Israel's plundering of Palestinian cultural property during occupation of Lebanon [ 120-1, 20 abst.]. S. California Edison Co. buys $15 million solar plant from Israeli firm, Ormat.


Occupied Palestine!Israel: Hand-grenade thrown at Border Patrol vehicle in Gaza. Israeli troops use teargas against about 100 students protesting occupation and attempts to put al-Najah National U. under military control; hours later, petrol bomb flung at Israeli foot patrol, no injuries. Greek Orthodox nun and Muslim muezzin injured when 2 IDF grenades explode in al-Eizariya (Bethany); "TNT" claims responsibility.

Arab World: 2 Israeli soldiers and 5 Lebanese civilians wounded by grenade hurled at Israeli patrol in Sidon; 2 Israeli soldiers wounded by land mine near Jib Jennin; explosive device wounds 1 Israeli in Ghaziyeh village in S. Lebanon; attacks on Israelis in Lebanon total 6 today.