Friday, December 30, 1983


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: Central Bureau of Statistics announces Israel's economy grew less than 1% in 1983, foreign debt set at $23 billion. Cabinet defers decision on urgent economic recovery program; announces new round of consumer price increases. US 6th Fleet serviced in Haifa; 2 US warships under repair in Israel Shipyard; US sailors expected to spend $5 million on leave there during month of December.

Arab World: Arafat arrives in Tunis for Fateh Central Committee mtg. Israel seals off Awali River crossings between North Lebanon and occupied South. Public demonstrations staged throughout S. Lebanon protesting Israeli occupation.

Other Countries: Indonesia decides not to host 1984 International Parliamentary Union conference as Israel expected to attend.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: 2 IDF grenade-bombs explodes in 2 mosques in Hebron; 1 worshipper slightly wounded; Israeli "TNT" claims responsibility. Bomb spotted and defused on Jerusalem bus.