Monday, March 5, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: 2 Galilee youths released after arrest (2/29/84) for hoisting Palestinian flag on anniversary of Sabra & Shatila massacres; in court, defendents describe torture used on them; suit filed against interrogators. MK Sarid submits letter of protest over MK Sharon's violation of Knesset "code of ethics" by accepting money for US lecture tour. [Sharon appealed for dispensation on grounds he is suing Time magazine for reporting his connection with Sabra & Shatila massacres.] PM Shamir denies charges by Sharon that his gov't. is bowing to US pressure to impede settlement drive. MKs Zakin (Mapam) and Aloni (CRM) urge PM Shamir to declare "TNT" a terrorist organization. [1948 Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance would then allow security agencies to fight Jewish terrorism.] After 3 years, Bani Zad village resumes relation with "civil administration" upon promise of IS10 million grant for civic improvements. 8 Palestinians arraigned in military court for murder of Kiryat Arba squatter Aharon Gross (7/7/83); 5 plead not guilty, 1 claims self-defense. 7 West Bank squatters and 2 from Green Line, all of US origin and followers of Meir Kahane, arrested for bombing attempt on al-Aqsa Mosque and shooting attack on Arab bus (3/4/84); news blackout on investigations imposed.

Arab World: Gemayel abrogates US-sponsored May 17 agreement with Israel. Israel protests Egypt's permitting Palestinian conference in Cairo later this month; complains conference will provide opportunity for "anti-Israeli propaganda."

Other Countries: European Community Commission Pres. Thorn says Egypt urging Europeans to press US to deal with PLO.

Military Action:

Arab World: Israelis bomb alleged PLO positions in 2 raids on Aley, Lebanon.