Wednesday, August 8, 1990

Iraq announces it has annexed Kuwait; first U.S. troops arrive in Saudi Arabia [WP, NYT, LAT, WT 8/9].

P.M. Shamir, Israeli leadership praise Pres. Bush's decision to send troops to Saudi Arabia; reaffirm Israel has no intention of getting involved in conflict; has not been asked by U.S. to become involved [NYT 8/9].

U.S. ass't. sec. of state for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs, John Kelly, arrives in Damascus to discuss Gulf crisis with Syrian officials [DDS 8/9 in FBIS 8/ 10].

Violence continues for 3d straight day in Jerusalem as Jewish rioters wound at least 80 Arabs to avenge killing of 2 Israeli teenagers; Police Chief Yaacov Turner says police will crackdown on violence, will use tear gas if necessary [WT 8/9].

Emanuel Christen, 1 of 2 Red Cross workers kidnapped in Sidon on 10/6/89, is released by group calling itself Palestinian Revolutionary Squads (cf. 8/13) [AFP 8/8 in FBIS 8/9; WT, WP, LAT, NYT 8/ 9].