Wednesday, August 15, 1990

Italian F.M. De Michelis, meeting with Israeli F.M. Levy, says PLO made a "mistake" by supporting Iraq and warned that if Arafat doesn't change position "we will have to revise our attitude towards the PLO" [WP 8/17].

Palestinians in O.T. issue statement, reportedly agreed to by all 4 local PLO factions, calling for Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait and "restoration of Kuwaiti selfdetermination" [WP 8/17].

Strike called for by Hamas is observed throughout O.T. [WP 8/17].

Washington Post reports that Israel's sideline role in Gulf crisis (requested by Washington) has prompted Israeli concern that its place as premier U.S. military ally in the region is being undermined [WP 8/16].

GCC holds emergency meeting in Jeddah to discuss Iraqi threat [RIDS 8/15 in FBIS 8/16].

Egyptian authorities have reportedly closed the Rafah border to Palestinians in view of sympathy Gaza Strip residents have shown for Iraq [YA 8/15 in FBIS 8/ 16].

U.S. federal appeals court clears way for Palestinian-American Mahmoud Abed Ahmad to be extradited to Israel; Ahmad is accused of taking part in machine-gun attack on Israeli bus in W. Bank; court rejects Ahmad's argument that the crime was political act not covered by extradition treaty with Israel [WT, WP 8/16]