Monday, June 20, 1988


Occupied Palestine/Israel: IDF conducts search and closes the Association for Family Welfare, a women's organization in al-Birah [WP 6/21, NYT 6/21].

Arab World: Al-Safir, Beirut daily, carries attacks on PLO political advisor Abu Sharif's peace proposals circulated at the recent Arab Summit. Groups attacking statement are: PFLP, Fateh-Uprising, Popular Struggle Front, the PFLP-General Command, and Partisans of the Islamic Revolution in Palestine [NYT 6/22].


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli is found beaten and stabbed to death near Moshav Shaked [WP 6/21, NYT 6/21]. In Jalazun refugee camp 120 residents are arrested during demonstrations [FJ 6/26]. In Ramallah troops use tear gas to break up demonstrations [FJ 6/26].