Monday, May 4, 1987


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: Gush Emunim march in Qalqiliyyah marks Israelindependence day [FJ 5/10]. Jericho's mayor charges provocation after similar march by settlers in that city [FJ 5/10]. Israeli soldier is slightly injured in stone-throwing incident near Balatah refugee camp; camp is placed under curfew [FJ 5/10]. Military releases 12 secondary school students held in detention for 18 days [FJ 5/10].

Arab World: King Hussein of Jordan says he will only negotiate with Israel in an international conference that includes the PLO [BG 5/5]. Lebanon's P. M. Rashid Karami resigns [LAT 5/5; CSM 5/6]. Libya permits reopening of PLO office in Tripoli after 4-year closure [NYT 5/6]. George Habash arrives in Damascus, meets with Pres. al-Asad for 3 hours [FJ 5/10].

Other Countries: Three survivors of the Sabra and Shatila massacre file suit in U. S. court against Major-General Amos Yaron, now serving as military attache to U.S. [FJ 5/10].