Wednesday, January 21, 1987


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Interior Ministry approves proposal to dissolve Umm al-Fahm township, which faces serious fiscal crisis. Umm al-Fahm officials are fighting the decision [FJ 1/23] 'Al Hamishmar reveals Israeli and Jordanian representatives have drafted a pact of economic cooperation [Fl 1/23]. Estimated 150 Tulkarm area landowners protest confiscation of 10,000 dunums of their land [FJ 1/30]. Gush Emunim leaders accuse P. M. Shamir of aiding "Jordanization and Palestinization" of occupied territories UP 1/22].

Arab World: Reports indicate Jordanian military court sentenced 4 Palestinians to death for 1984 murder of Hebron's mayorelect Fahd al-Qawasmi. Six others were sentenced to life in prison [FJ 1/30].