Tuesday, May 7, 1985


Occupied Palestine/Israel: DM Rabin indicates at least 21 IDF troops committed suicide in Lebanon since 1982 invasion [PI 5/8]. Gen. Comm. of Govt. School Teachers in W. Bank calls for short (2 class periods) strike protesting deteriorating work conditions [FJ 5/3]. State Attorney's office drops one charge against Jewish underground defendant Ya'akov Heineman [JP 5/8].

Arab World: PLO, Jordan reported tohave agreed on list of joint Palestinian-Jordanian negotiating delegation; US State Dept. spokesman Edward Djerejian indicates US willing to meet with delegation provided it has no PLO members; Jordanian officials await official response to list from State Dept. official Richard Murphy [CSM 5/7, NYT 5/8]. Chmn. Arafat arrives in Amman for talks with King Hussein [JP 5/8].

Other Countries: US Congress ratifies US-Israel free trade agreement [NYT 5/8].