Saturday, September 1, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Nablus Chamber of Commerce submits memorandum to "civil administration" outlining city's urgent social and economic problems; no response from authorities. 19 Palestinians arrested for stone-throwing during MK Kahane's attempted entry into Umm al-Fahm (8/29). Israeli troops raid Qalandiya refugee camp, detain several youths suspected of commandeering bulldozer from nearby quarry and flattening Israeli-built barrier at camp entrance.

Arab World: Druze leaders meet in Majd al-Shams (Golan) to demand dismissal of 30 teachers accepting Israeli ID cards. Chrmn. Arafat meets with French FM Cheysson in Tunis.

Other Countries: Chrmn. Arafat cables Chrmn. Truong Chinh on occasion of Vietnam's nat'l. day. 2nd anniversary of Reagan Middle East peace initiative. US Navy announces Israel will lend 12 Kfir jets on no-cost 4-yr. lease for use in combat training; Israel Aircraft Ind. will maintain jets for "firm fixed price."

Military Action

Arab World: Palestinian & Lebanese resistance detonate remote-control bomb as IDF patrol near Marjayoun, S. Lebanon, destroying jeep, wounding occupants.