Sunday, September 19, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese Army units take control of Sabra and Shatila camps; IDF imposes 5 PM to 5 AM curfew throughout West Beirut, enters Sabra to protect population, Drori ordered by Sharon not to enter Shatila; Gemayel family member acknowledges involvement of Phalange forces in massacre; Phalange militia withdraws through IDF lines with truckloads of Palestinian prisoners.


Casualty figures being put at 1,800; Lebanese Army, ICRC begin to recover bodies of massacre victims.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Cabinet meets behind police barricades in emergency session at Begin's home for 3 ?h hours, unanimously rejects any Israeli responsibility for massacre, calls for national unity, issues statement that charges of IDF complicity in massacre are "blood libel"; Cabinet agrees to accept UN observers in Beirut and to continue IDF withdrawal from city; police use teargas to disperse several hundred demonstrators at Begin's Jerusalem home; Labor Party, Peace Now, some Knesset members protesting outside Begin's home chant "Begin is a murderer," "Fascism will not take over," 7 arrested, later released; 400 Peace Now members demonstrate at Lebanon border; 50 arrested in Tel Aviv demonstration called by Committee Against the War in Lebanon; liberal Likud deputy Zeigerman calls for Sharon resignation; General Eitan claims Morris Draper and Wazzan hindered IDF efforts to make direct contact with Lebanese Army, says "we don't give the Phalangists orders, and we are not responsible for them"; heavy traffic along Haifa-Tel Aviv road because of demonstrations by kibbutzniks protesting massacre.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO Central Committee meets in Damascus; Arafat receives message from Brezhnev; Wazzan calls on Reagan to send back US Marines, charges US with "material and moral responsibility" for killings.

Arab Governments: Egyptian Foreign Minister Ali threatens to recall Egypt's Ambassador to Israel in protest, asks immediate IDF withdrawal from Beirut and redeployment of multinational peacekeeping force; Jordanian paper al-Dustour blames 13S for massacre.

US and Other Countries: Reagan insists IDF withdraw from Beirut, considers redeploying US troops in Beirut as part of new temporary peacekeeping force; State and Defense Departments' working groups study options; France, Italy express willingness to send back troops.

UN: US joins in unanimous approval of Security Council resolution which condemns 'fcriminal" massacre of Palestinian civilians in Beirut, orders 50 UN observers sent to Beirut area.