Sunday, September 26, 1982

Military Action:

Senior IDF commander in Lebanon, Amir Drori, says he did not know of killings; IDF withdraws from urban West Beirut, leaving small unit at port and airport; Israel still seeks to retain presence at airport including helicopter landing rights, personnel inside control tower; Lebanese Army expands presence in downtown area, begins detaining hundreds of Arab foreigners without residence permits or valid identity papers, in many cases doing house-to-house searches; Italian troops disembark, but await departure of IDF troops before taking up positions; French troops assist with minesweeping outside Shatila camp.


Accounts of IDF soldiers looting houses supported by trucks loaded with home furnishings seen driving toward Israeli border; Middle East Airlines' computer reservation system stolen; Israeli troops take confidential files from every Arab embassy they occupied in Beirut.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Gemayel again calls for all foreign forces to leave Lebanon, says first step is pullback of IDF troops from Beirut; many Lebanese oppose full inquiry of massacre, feeling it would unravel tentative rapprochement between Christians and Muslims; Gemayel meets with Draper, ambassadors, urges deployment of forces in city areas from which IDF has withdrawn; Gemayel announces visit to US to address the UN (plans meetings with Reagan, Mitterrand, and the Pope).

Arab Governments: Habib meets with Hussein in Jordan.