Saturday, November 6, 1982


Incidents of harrassment of Palestinian refugees growing (2 pregnant Palestinian women thrown out of Sidon hospital despite bills being guaranteed by UN); 40 Lebanese landowners petition Government to break long-standing property leases, which could lead to 7,000 homeless; Israeli and Palestinian doctors warn of dangers of typhoid and pneumonia in camps; Israel announces plans to distribute cement to Palestinian refugees this week but delays distributing heating stoves until colder weather; Eli Tzur says UNRWA turned down Israeli offer of 200 prefabs for educational, health centers in camps.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Mapam leader Shemtov says only PLO recognition of Israel can facilitate negotiations; Bethlehem Mayor Freij returns from 6-day trip to Jordan and meeting with King Hussein, confirms indirect talks between Israeli Labor Party and King Hussein, says he is optimistic about political outlook for West Bank; senior IDF General Uri Simhoni visits US in first official visit since invasion as Pentagon rift eases; Ambassador Moshe Arens meets Shultz, questions US policy of opposing settlements; Peres calls on Israeli government to negotiate with Hussein, otherwise it will be forced later to negotiate with PLO, says he met with 12 West Bank personalities who passed on his views to Hussein; senior IDF officer says Lebanese growing cooler to IDF presence; Communications Minister Zippori calls for extended compulsory military service for Israel's Arabs.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Wazzan says talks between Israel and Lebanon to begin next week in framework of military commission set up last summer.

Arab Governments: Butros Ghali says Egypt rejected Israeli offer to split disputed Taba land made during early negotiations; Egyptian Foreign Minister Hassan Ali meets high-level PLO delegation for talks in Paris.

US and Other Countries: Pentagon says small delegation of defense officials will travel to Israel to study lessons learned by IDF use of US equipment during invasion; in Administration's new high-level effort to bring about withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon, Habib will be sent back to region and Palestinian autonomy talks will be given less priority; following visit to Beirut with 3 other Congressmen, Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) calls for quick return of US Marine contingent from Lebanon.

UN: Morocco calls for urgent meeting of Security Council to discuss Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.