Wednesday, August 10, 1983

Military Action:

Druze militia attacks Lebanese Army at 3 outposts east of Damour, captures 2 positions; rocket and artillery duels follow Druze attack, Beirut airport closed after shells fall on runway, terminal building, nearby residential areas; IDF supports Lebanese Army at Kfar Matta; US Marines fire flares as warnings to Druze gunners in Chouf.


4 civilians, 2 IDF soldiers killed, 24 wounded, including 8 Lebanese soldiers, 4 IDF, 1 US Marine, in shelling of airport area; 3 government ministers, attempting to mediate, detained at Jumblatt's residence.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli shekel devalued by 7.5%, brings cumulative devaluation in 1983 to 72%.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Dany Chamoun meets Shamir, other Israeli officials in Jerusalem.

US and Other Countries: Draper named new US ambassador to Tunisia, other US Middle East diplomatic positions shuffled.