Tuesday, September 6, 1983

Military Action:

Artillery and rocket battles between LF and PSP continue; PSP militia captures Bhamdoun; LAF takes up positions at Souq al-Gharb; fierce fighting continues in hills near Beirut airport and along coastal road near Khaldeh.


Police report 31 killed, 67 wounded in Chouf and Beirut, total since Sunday 216 killed, 561 wounded; LAF reports 4 soldiers killed, 8 wounded, 2 civilians killed, 17 wounded in Beirut; 1500 residents flee Bhamdoun; 800 demonstrate near presidential palace, call for government to stop Chouf fighting; 2 US Marines killed, 3 wounded by rockets fired from Burj al-Barajneh area, total US casualties now 4 killed, 17 wounded; 6 Italian soldiers wounded.