Friday, April 16, 2010

IDF troops make an incursion into the no-go zone e. of Gaza City and are immediately fired upon by armed Palestinians, sparking an exchange in which 1 armed Palestinian is killed. In the West Bank, the IDF raids, searches a Palestinian home in al-Walajah village nr. Bethlehem at midday, arresting 3 Palestinians; fires rubbercoated steel bullets, stun grenades, tear gas at Palestinian, Israeli, and international activists taking part in nonviolent demonstrations against the separation wall in Bil‘in and against settlement expansion in Dayr Nizam/al-Nabi Salih (10s suffer tear gas inhalation at both locations); fires rubber-coated steel bullets, stun grenades, tear gas at Palestinian, international activists, some of whom throw stones at IDF troops, protesting the separation wall in Ni‘lin (10s suffer tear gas inhalation). Jewish settlers fr. Keddumim nr. Nablus set fire to 2 Palestinian cars in nearby Jinsafut village. (OCHA, PCHR 4/22)