Thursday, November 2, 2006

In Gaza, the IDF continues major operations in Bayt Hanun, rounding up Palestinian men ages 16–45 and driving them outside of town for questioning (detaining 15, releasing the others), clashing with militants, killing 2 Palestinian gunmen, 2 civilians, wounding another 20 Palestinians; 2 IDF soldiers are lightly injured; a 4-yr.- old Palestinian dies of injuries received on 11/1; some 60 Palestinian gunmen take refuge in the 850-yr.-old al-Nasir Mosque, which is quickly surrounded by the IDF. Late in the evening, the IDF conducts air strikes in n. Gaza on Palestinians allegedly preparing to fire rockets, killing 2 Palestinians. Palestinians fire several rockets fr. Gaza into Israel, hitting an Israeli home, lightly wounding 2 Israelis. In the West Bank, the IDF raids an elementary school in Hebron while classes are in session, firing tear gas, percussion grenades, injuring 15 children; sends undercover units into Tulkarm in a car with Palestinian license plates to arrest 3 wanted Palestinians; conducts other arrest raids in al-Saf nr. Bethlehem (demolishing the home of a wanted Islamic Jihad mbr., firing on stone-throwing Palestinians who confront the troops, killing 1 Palestinian, wounding 5) in Nablus (fatally shooting 1 Palestinian civilian), Ramallah, Tulkarm. (NYT, WT 11/3; PCHR 11/9)