Saturday, November 8, 2003

The IDF continues intense house-to-house searches in Jenin, firing on residential areas, demolishing 1 Palestinian home, precipitating rioting in which 1 Palestinian protester is fatally shot. The IDF also opens fire on stone-throwing youths in Burkin, nr. Jenin, killing a 16-yr.-old Palestinian boy; fires on Palestinians harvesting olives nr. Salfit, wounding a 14-yr.-old boy; sends troops into Nablus, fires on stone-throwing youths, wounding 1 seriously. On the eve of the anniversary of the 1994 Ibrahimi Mosque massacre, Jewish settlers stone Palestinian homes in nearby Wadi Nasara. (NYT, WP, WT 11/9; PR 11/12; PCHR 11/13)