Friday, May 17, 2002

In a predawn incursion, the IDF sends 20 tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) into Jenin r.c., arrests at least 24 wanted Palestinians; when 1 wanted Hamas mbr. is not found, the IDF burns down his family home. Troops also enter Jenin city, arrest al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (AMB) leader Kamal Abu al-Wafa. After troops withdraw to the outskirts of Jenin r.c. and town, a Palestinian is killed when he accidentally triggers an unexploded IDF shell in Jenin r.c. The IDF fatally shoots an AMB mbr. allegedly attempting to infiltrate Dugit settlement; makes a brief incursion into Nablus and Askar r.c., firing antitank missiles, heavy machine guns at stone-throwing Palestinians, wounding 5, killing a 7-yr.-old Palestinian boy in his yard. Nr. Baqa` al-Gharbiyya, soldiers shoot at a car driving "in a suspicious manner" nr. an IDF convoy, wounding an Israeli Arab woman; bar her transportation to a hospital, allowing her to bleed to death. (NYT, WP, WT 5/18; AYM 5/18 in WNC 5/20; LAW 5/22)