Tuesday, October 16, 2001

In Gaza, a Hamas mbr. is killed when a bomb in his house explodes in what may be an Israeli assassination. The IDF eases 1 roadblock on the Ramallah-Jerusalem road but tightens others around Badu, Bayt Hanina, Khan Yunis, al-Qarara, Tulkarm; sets up a new roadblock at the entrance to Qafin village; flies warplanes over Tulkarm. Israeli police issue evacuation orders to Palestinian families living on 18 dunams of land in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shaykh Jarrah, where Jewish settlers want to establish a new enclave. Israeli police also dismantle a vegetable market nr. Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. Jewish settlers fatally stab a Palestinian waiter in East Jerusalem restaurant. (HP 10/16; LAW, WT 10/17)

Sharon says he would accept the creation of a Palestinian state, but it would have to be demilitarized, and Israel would have to control all borders, all of Jerusalem, security zones in the West Bank and Gaza. (MA 10/16 in WNC 10/17; HA, WP 10/17)