Thursday, December 28, 2000

As Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue, 2 bombs explode on a bus in Tel Aviv, injuring 13 Israelis, and a roadside bomb detonates in Gaza, killing 1 IDF soldier, 1 Israeli border policeman, injuring 2 other soldiers. Israel seals the borders of the West Bank, Gaza. Jewish settlers attack Palestinian homes nr. Hebron. The IDF bulldozes 115 dunams of agricultural land nr. Bayt Hanun. (REU 12/28; NYT, WP, WT 12/29; WT 12/30; PCHR 1/6)

Pres. Clinton tells Arafat he sees no point in further discussion with the PA until Arafat accepts the 12/23 parameters, stating the U.S. will not reply to the PA's 12/27 letter. Clinton phones the leaders of Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia to urge them to back the parameters. (MENL 12/28; MENA 12/28, SA 12/31 in WNC 1/2; HA, MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT, YA 12/29; YA 1/10)

In New York, 3 days of secret PA-Israeli talks on the Clinton parameters end in a deadlock. (MA [Internet] 12/28, 12/31) (see 12/26)

IDF soldiers shoot across the blue line with Lebanon, injuring 5 Lebanese civilians, including 1 child, hurling stones and firecrackers across the border nr. the disputed Abbad Hill. (MEI 1/12)