Thursday, May 20, 1999

In his 1st major statements since elections, PM-elect Barak reiterates promise to seek withdrawal of IDF fr. s. Lebanon within a yr. (MM 5/20; YA 5/20 in WNC 5/21; al-Sinnara 5/20 in WNC 5/25; NYT, WP, WT 5/21; NYT 5/23; MM 6/3)

Turkey sentences to death top aide to Abdallah Ocalan, head of the Turkish separatist group the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). The aide, Semdin Sakik was convicted of treason for masterminding 191 PKK attacks that killed 283 people. (WP 5/21; Zaman 5/26 in WNC 5/28) (see 3/11)

In Paris, Jordanian Finance M Michel Martu meets with the Paris Club, which agrees to reschedule $1.15 b. of Jordan's debt. (RJ 5/20 in WNC 5/21; JTV 5/27 in WNC 6/1; MEI 6/18)

Jordan, Syria sign agricultural cooperation agmt. (SANA 5/20 in WNC 5/21)

In Beirut, Iranian, Lebanese officials discuss expanding bilateral relations, resuming direct flights btwn. Tehran, Beirut. (IRNA 5/21 in WNC 5/25)

At the end of Khatami's 2 day visit, Iran, Qatar sign 8 cooperation agmts. (IRNA 5/20 in WNC 5/21; IRNA 5/22 in WNC 5/28; MM 5/24)