Monday, March 15, 1999

PM Netanyahu rejects cabinet decision to adopt more flexible criteria for 500 Palestinian prisoners due to be released under Wye. DMin., Shin Bet have already drawn up new lists of prisoners to be freed. (YA 3/15 in WNC 3/17)

Jordan, U.S. sign agmt. creating 2d qualified industrial zone nr. Shaykh Hussein Bridge. (JT 3/16 in WNC 3/17; al-Ra'i 3/17 in WNC 3/22)

Arafat meets with Finnish pres. Martti Ahtisaari in Helsinki, then leaves for Oslo to meet with Norwegian PM Bondevik, FM Knut Vollebaek. (WT 3/15; SAPA 3/15 in WNC 3/17; PR 3/19)

Israel's state comptroller clears Labor candidate for PM Barak of allegations that as army chief he abandoned wounded soldiers in a 1992 training accident. (MM 3/15; MM, WP 3/16; WJW 3/18; see MM 3/10)

Israeli police say that some 600 Egyptian bedouin recently entered Israel fr. Sinai asking for humanitarian aid, saying they were driven by hunger to leave Egypt. Egypt rejects Israel's characterization of a mass exodus, admits some bedouin families have crossed the border. (WT 3/17)

Turkish cultural delegation arrives in Israel for 3 day tour. (ATL 3/15 in WNC 3/17)

Jordanian court sentences 2 Jordanians to death for killing an Iraqi diplomat, 11 other people on 1/17/98; 2 other defendants are given 20 yrs. in jail. (WP 3/16)