Tuesday, January 19, 1999

10,000s of Jordanians turn out to welcome King Hussein on his return to Jordan after 6 mos. of cancer treatment in the U.S. The king promises a "comprehensive review" of Jordan's course, hinting at change in succession. Arafat, leaders of Yemen, Qatar greet King Hussein at the airport. Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the U.S. send congratulations. Israel also provides fighter escort to the king's plane on its flight over Israel. (JT, JTV, Petra-JNA, RJ, SATN 1/19 in WNC 1/20; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 1/20; AFP, JTV 1/20 in WNC 1/21; JTV 1/25 in WNC 1/27; MEI 1/29; al-Dustur 1/30 in WNC 2/2) (see 1/8)

Burglars break in to Greenberg Quinlan Research for 2d time, disabling a new sophisticated security system, stealing more sensitive material related to the Barak campaign. Barak advisers, who refused to speculate on the 1st robbery, this time directly blame the "Committee to Re-elect Netanyahu." Advisers also report that over the last 4 mos., homes of at least 7 Barak staff mbrs. have been burglarized, but nothing stolen. Netanyahu says break-ins were staged to "spread clouds of false accusations against the Likud." (MM, NYT, WP 1/20; CSM, MM, NYT, WJW, WP 1/21; WP 1/23; YA 1/29 in WNC 2/1; WJW 2/4) (see 1/13)