Monday, June 22, 1998

IDF demolishes 23d Palestinian home this mo., bringing to 81 the number of Palestinian homes demolished since the beginning of the year. By comparison, 171 Palestinian homes were demolished in 1997. (NYT, WT 6/23) (see 6/18)

Mbrs. of Elad settler group raid a Palestinian bakery in East Jerusalem, claim that it is located on land which is to be confiscated by Israel. (PR 6/26)

Egypt, Turkey sign memorandum of understanding on construction of pipeline which would transport natural gas fr. Egypt to Turkey via the Mediterranean. (Anatolia 6/22 in WNC 6/23)

UNSCOM claims to have proof, based on evidence obtained in confidential U.S. army laboratory analysis, that Iraq put VX nerve gas in missile warheads before the 1991 Gulf War. (WP 6/23; MM 6/24, 6/25) (see 6/18)

Hamas's Shaykh Yasin arrives in Egypt fr. the Sudan on his way home to Gaza. (MENA 6/22 in WNC 6/23) (see 6/8)

Lebanese authorities arrest 10 suspects in connection with grenade attack nr. U.S. embassy 6/21. (RL 6/22 in WNC 6/23)