Thursday, April 30, 1998

U.S. VP Gore, PM Netanyahu address ceremony in Jerusalem marking Israel's 50th anniversary. Gore also meets with Pres. Weizman, Infrastructures M Sharon. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 4/30; ITV 4/30 in WNC 5/1; CSM, MM 5/1; al-Ba'th [Damascus] 5/1 in WNC 5/12; JP 5/9)

In Beirut, EU special envoy Moratinos discusses Israel's s. Lebanon withdrawal offer with PM Hariri, Speaker Birri; says that EU supports unconditional implementation of UN Res. 425. (RL 4/30 in WNC 5/1)

In Jordan, a bomb explodes underneath a car parked at al-Quds International Hotel parking in the Rashid neighborhood of Amman, causing extensive damage but no casualties. No one claims responsibility. (MENA 4/30 in WNC 5/1; RJ 5/1 in WNC 5/5; RJ 5/10 in WNC 5/13)