Wednesday, June 4, 1997

PM Netanyahu presents "Allon plus" final settlement proposal to his inner cabinet. (IDF Radio 6/4 in WNC 6/5; ITV 6/4, RE, YA 6/6 in WNC 6/9; MM, WT 6/5; ITV, MA, RE 6/5 in WNC 6/6; PR 6/6; MM 6/9; MEI 6/13; JP 6/14)

In Cairo, Arafat, Mubarak, Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah hold tripartite mtg. on the peace process, Egyptian mediation. (RE 6/4 in WNC 6/5; MM 6/5)

Kuwait's acting PM Shaykh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah says that it is time to renew ties (severed during the 1990+n91 Gulf War) with Jordan, Yemen. (MM 6/5, 6/6; RJ 6/22, al-Dustur 6/23 in WNC 6/24; MM 6/23; SA 7/2 in WNC 7/7)

Based on the 5/24 GCO corruption report, the PA fires Atty. Gen. Khalid al-Kidra. Publicly, Kidra resigns, citing poor health, but is placed under house arrest immediately. (MEI, PR 6/13; JP 6/14; CSM 6/18; JP 6/21; WP 7/30)

IDF storms Bayt Fajjar village nr. Bethlehem, detains 27 Palestinians allegedly connected to Hamas. (ITV 6/4 in WNC 6/5; MA 6/5 in WNC 6/6)

UN Security Council unanimously approves 6-mo. extension to Iraq's oil-for-food deal. (WP 6/5)

4 explosive devises are detonated on a s. Lebanon road, killing 1 Lebanese civilian, wounding 2 others. 1 South Lebanon Army (SLA) mbr. is killed in a separate explosion. (AFP, RL 6 /4 in WNC 6/5)