Sunday, December 1, 1996

At the close of their mtg. in Amman, representatives of the 33 nations of the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Dialogue issue a declaration urging Israel to fulfill its commitments to the Oslo accords. (JT, JTV, RJ 12/1, JT 12/2 in WNC 12/3) (see 11/29)

In Cairo, Arab League holds emergency session on Israeli settlement activity, warns Israel that expanding settlements will endanger peacemaking; says existing settlements should be dismantled, but stops short of Syria's demand that Arabs suspend relations with Israel. (RE, RMC 12/1 in WNC 12/3; MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/2; WT 12/4; PR 12/6)

PM Netanyahu meets with Jordan valley settler leaders, says Jordan valley is "inseparable from the State of Israel," promises additional 470 housing units for the area, denounces Arab League statement. (MM, WP, WT 12/2; CSM 12/3)

In Cairo, Arafat briefs Pres. Mubarak on negotiations with Israel. (RE 12/2 in WNC 12/3)

Jordan's PM Kabariti, Iraq's trade M discuss trade btwn. the two nations ahead of implementation of the UN oil-for-food agmt. (JTV 12/2 in WNC 12/4) (see 11/25) (RJ 12/9 in WNC 12/11)

France assumes the chairmanship of ILMG fr. the U.S. (RL 12/1 in WNC 12/3) (see 7/12)