Sunday, September 1, 1996

Talks btwn. PA, Israeli officials continue. (ITV 9/1 in WNC 9/4; NYT, WP, WT 9/2; JP 9/7) (see 8/31)

At Israel's request, ILMG meets in Naqura to discuss wounding of 2 Lebanese civilians 8/29. Lebanon says Hizballah was operating within the occupied zone, therefore did not violate the 4/26 understanding. (RL 9/2 in WNC 9/4) (see 8/27)

3d round of Lebanese election are held in Beirut. PM Rafiq Hariri wins elected post for 1st time. Hizballah candidates are defeated, claim vote rigging. Reuters reporter claims to see Hariri supporters paying voters LL100,000 ($64) each to vote for his ticket. (VOL 9/1, RL 9/2 in WNC 9/4; CSM, WP, WT 9/3; al-Nahar 9/3 in WNC 9/4; MM 9/5; MEI 9/20)

In response to Saddam Hussein's attack on the Kurdish enclave in n. Iraq 8/31, UN suspends Iraq's oil-for-for food deal. Iraq troops secure their hold on Irbil. (NYT, WP 9/2; MEI,MM 9/6) (see 5/20)