Thursday, August 24, 1995

In Copenhagen, Syrian FM Shara` discusses peace process, Syrian-EU relations with Danish PM Poul Rasmussen, FM Niels Petersen, other parliamentary, FMin. officials. (SANA 8/24 in FBIS 8/25)

In light of Hamas's claim of responsibility for 7/24, 8/21 attacks, PA halts talks with the group about its participation in elections. (WT 8/25)

Throughout Jerusalem, 1000s of right-wing Jewish protesters calling for PM Rabin's resignation clash with Israeli police. 3 police, 3 demonstrators are injured, 14 arrested. (ITV 8/24 in FBIS 8/25; JP 9/2)

PA police arrest `Abd al-Majid Dudin, Rashid Khatib after the pair flees to Jericho to evade IDF troops intent on arresting them as Hamas attackers. IDF demands they be returned to Israel; PA refuses. (WT 8/27; CSM 8/28; JP 9/2)

Islamic National Path Movement, a newly formed Hamas breakaway group which accepts the DOP as a fait accompli, calls to Hamas to end attacks, give the PA a chance. The party is the 17th to be formed this yr. (JP 8/24 in FBIS 8/24)

1 IDF soldier is wounded, 3 Hizballah mbrs. killed in IDF attack on Hizballah base in s. Lebanon. (QY 8/25 in FBIS 8/28)