Tuesday, September 12, 1995

In Amman, technical comm. on refugees opens 2 days of talks. (WT 9/13; CSM 9/15)

PM Rabin arrives in Moscow for 3-day visit. (MM 9/12; QY, YA 9/12 in FBIS 9/12; DAVAR 9/17 in FBIS 9/20)

Arafat holds emergency mtg. in Alexandria with Pres. Mubarak, FM Musa to discuss Libyan expulsions, peace process. (VOP 9/12 in FBIS 9/13; NYT 9/13; CSM 9/15) (see 9/10)

In Madrid, Arafat adviser Faisal Husseini meets with FM Javier Solana. (EFE [Madrid] 9/12 in FBIS 9/13)

In Amman, Spain's PM Gonzalez meets with Jordan's King Hussein, PM Bin Shakir; heads to Damascus to meet with Pres. Asad. (RJ, RNE-1 Radio [Madrid], SARR 9/12, SARR 9/13 in FBIS 9/13; MM 9/13; RJ 9/12 in FBIS 9/15)

In Washington, Pres. Clinton awards Rabbi Abraham Shemtov, acting on behalf of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Congressional Gold Medal, honoring moral and educational inspiration. Congress mbrs voted unanimously to award the medal (one of only 100 ever bestowed) to the late rabbi. (WJW 9/21; JP 9/26)