Sunday, August 6, 1995

Under new media law (see 7/18), PA closes Hamas's al-Watan and an Islamic Jihad's al-Istiqlal for criticizing Arafat, printing material "against the Palestinian Authority" that harms the PA's relations with Arab states, leaking photo of Arafat's baby to the French press. (AFP 8/6 in FBIS 8/7; MM, WT 8/7; PR 8/11)

In Gaza, Arafat receives Israeli Arab Front delegation, discusses peace process, future of Israeli settlements. Front voices support for Arafat, PA. (VOP 8/6 in FBIS 8/8)

PM Rabin, Police M Shahal, Justice M Liba'i, Atty. Gen. Ben-Ya'ir, reps of the police, IDF, Shin Bet meet, decide police only will be used to handle protesting settlers; IDF will be called in as needed. (MM 8/7; MA 8/7 in FBIS 8/7; MA 8/16 in FBIS 8/16)

Arab League passes resolution condemning Israel's 8/2 decision on Temple Mount/al-Aqsa mosque. (MENA 8/6 in FBIS 8/8)

Israeli police open Temple Mount/al-Aqsa courtyard to Jews but then close site to all after sensing tensions with Palestinians. 100s of Jews overrun police barriers, try to force their way in, clash with police and Palestinians. Area will be closed until 8/7. (QY 8/6 in FBIS 8/7; CSM, WP 8/7; HA 8/7 in IL 8/7; PR 8/11; JP 8/12) (see 8/2)

In Ramallah, Fatah, Peace Now agree to wage joint media campaign to promote the peace process. (Davar 8/6 in FBIS 8/8)

Several mbrs of the House, headed by Rep. Nick Rahall, fly to Lebanon in effort to end U.S. travel ban. (WT 8/4)