Saturday, December 24, 1994

Palestinian policeman detonates bomb at bus station in Jerusalem, killing self, wounding 1 Palestinian, 1 American, 11 Israelis. Hamas claims act as retaliation for Israeli settlement activity in Jerusalem, car bombing in Lebanon 12/21. (WP 12/25; QPAR, QY 12/25, SARR, QY 12/26 in FBIS 12/27; NYT, WP, WT 12/26; WSJ 12/27; WJW 12/29; JP 12/31, 1/7)

PA Planning M Shaath, Israeli Police M Shahal meet in Haifa, agree to visit Palestinian detainees together. Shaath says he has also suggested to FM Peres that Israel form a dept. for Palestinian affairs in FMin., says Peres welcomed suggestion. (QY 12/24 in FBIS 12/29)

PA Social Affairs M Intisar al-Wazir estimates unemployment in Gaza to be 58%, in West Bank 32%. (PR 12/24)

PA demands UN call emergency session to discuss Israeli settlement expansion in wake of events in Efrat. (QY 12/24 in FBIS 12/28) (see 12/22)

In southern Lebanon, IDF mistakes 4 Lebanese bird hunters for Hizballah cadres, kills 1, wounds 3. (WP 12/25; VOL 12/24 in FBIS 12/27)