Wednesday, November 9, 1994

Arafat telephones King Hussein, briefs him on talks with PM Rabin 11/8, both agree to continue contacts on common issues. (MENA 11/9 in FBIS 11/10)

PNA Econ. M Qurai`, Israeli Finance M Shohat meet in Jerusalem to discuss implementation of economic agmt. signed in Paris 4/93. (QY, VOP 11/9 in FBIS 11/14)

Reports note frequent mtgs. btwn. Syrian, Israeli ambs. in Washington, with U.S. moderation. (ITV 11/9 in FBIS 11/10; MM 11/17)

Top Israeli police official admits Palestinians are setting up a police force in occupied West Bank to deal with traffic, intra-Palestinian disputes, says government will not oppose the units unless they interfere with Israeli police duties. (JP 11/9 in FBIS 11/9)

Morocco opens liaison office in Gaza. (AFP 11/9 in FBIS 11/10)

Knesset passes bill making anyone conducting unauthorized political activity in Jerusalem liable to 15 yrs. in jail. Bill targets PNA diplomatic activity at Orient House. (MM 11/10; WJW 11/17; JP 11/19)

Lebanese Judiciary reopens 1983 U.S. Marine barracks bombing case. Move seen as government attempt to show U.S. it is serious about security, nudge talks with Israel, gain leverage against Hizballah. (RL 11/9 in FBIS 11/9; MM 11/16)

Saudi FM Prince Sa'ud al-Faysal arrives in Damascus to deliver letter fr. King Fahd to Pres. al-Asad, confers with al-Asad regarding peace talks. (SARR 11/9 in FBIS 11/10)

IDF searching for wanted men clash with Palestinians in Tulkarm. Palestinians suffer 1 wounded, call general strike. (QY 11/9 in FBIS 11/10)