Thursday, November 10, 1994

King Hussein arrives in Israel, meets with Rabin. Trip marks 1st visit to Israel by Arab head of state since Sadat's 1981 trip. (ITV, JTV, QY 11/10 in FBIS 11/14; WT 11/11; JP 11/19)

Israel-Jordan border crossing at Shaykh Hussayn Bridge is opened. (QY 11/10 in FBIS 11/10; WT 11/11)

1 civilian killed as IDF shells Sribbin village in southern Lebanon in response to Amal attack on SLA position. (RL 11/10 in FBIS 11/14)

Iraqi Pres. Hussein signs statement accepting sovereignty of Kuwait, setting stage for UNSC debate on lifting sanctions. (NYT, WP, WT 11/11)