Thursday, July 21, 1994

PLO Chmn. Arafat meets Secy of State Christopher in Gaza, appeals for economic assistance beyond $2.4 b. pledged by international donors to avert "starvation and the humiliation and frustration" of Palestinians, asserts Palestinian authority over Muslim holy places in Jerusalem.  Christopher says U.S. feels a "special responsibility" for helping Palestinians, urges PLO to adopt modern accounting procedures.  (NYT, TJT, WP, WSJ, WT 7/22)

Israeli-Jordanian talks conclude with discussion of free-trade zone, development of Wadi `Araba.  Plans are to be presented to King Hussein, PM Rabin at 7/25 summit.  U.S. officials say Jordan, Israel to announce state of nonbelligerency.  (MM 7/21; RJ 7/21 in FBIS 7/22; WSJ, WT 7/22)

Israeli FM Peres visits Cairo to brief Egyptian Pres. Mubarak on Israel-Jordan talks.  (MM 7/21; MENA 7/21 in FBIS 7/22)

Palestinian police apprehend suspects in 7/19 Rafah ambush of IDF patrol that killed 1 Israeli.  (Qol Yisra'el 7/21 in FBIS 7/21)

Lebanese court convicts Namiq Ahmad Kamal of complicity in 1976 kidnapping, murder of U.S. Amb. Francis Meloy, sentences him to 4 yrs.' hard labor.  Attack blamed on PFLP; assassin remains at large.  (RL 7/21 in FBIS 7/22; WT 7/22)