Thursday, June 24, 1993

Israeli Deputy FM Yossi Beilin tells interviewer, "We will not and cannot make any concessions on the issue of Jerusalem.... we have no intention of making any concessions whatsoever." (ITV 6/24 in FBIS 6/25)

Fateh Cent. Comm. concludes meetings in Tunis. (VOP 6/24 in FBIS 6/25)

Arab delegations to peace talks hold coordinating meeting at Syrian mission in Washington, focusing on U.S. role as "full sponsor" and pressure on Israel to meet terms of reference. (JTV 5/24 in FBIS 5/25)

Lebanese delegation proposes partial Israeli withdrawal from "security zone" to test Lebanese government's ability to maintain security in south. Israeli negotiator Uri Lubrani rejects proposal, saying Israel "does not engage in experiments with the safety of its civilians." (Qol Yisra'el 6/25 in FBIS 6/25)

U.S. FBI arrests 8 in New York on suspicion of plotting assassinations and bombings of UN HQ, FBI building, and 2 Manhattan tunnels. (NYT, WP, 6/25)