Friday, January 29, 1993

Labor MK Yael Dayan meets with Chmn. Arafat in Tunis-the 1st public encounter with an Israeli legislator since the law banning such contacts was repealed 1/19. (AFP 1/29, Algiers VOP 1/30 in FBIS 2/1)

Sources say PLO Exec. Comm. mbr. Yasir 'Abd-Rabbuh, leader of 1 wing of the DFLP, is the main force behind a new party in the o.t.-the Palestinian Democratic Union to be based in Ramallah. Comprising several PLO and independent factions, the party will support the peace process and will operate publicly, the first such org. to do so since 1967. (ITV 1/29 in FB1S 2/1; MM 2/3; alSharq al-Awsat 2/3 in FBIS 2/5)

Sixty-eight U.S. senators send letter to Secy. of State Christopher calling for the U.S. to veto any resolution that "unjustifiably condemns Israel". (MEPARC 2/93