Monday, July 6, 1992

U.S. informs Israeli and Arab delegations that bilateral talks will resume 8/28 in Rome. (Al-Quds 7/6 in FBIS 7/7)

MK 'Abd al-Wahhab Darawsha (Arab Democratic Party) expresses desire to be included in Labor coalition, "surprising" Labor negotiators. Darawsha also charges Rabin with racism in continuing the ban on Arab parties participating in govt. Arab parties won 5 seats in the 6/23 elections, and the Arab vote accounted for at least 5 Labor and Meretz seats. (IDF Radio 7/6 in FBIS 7/7; MM 7/7)

New York Times reports Iraqi Pres. Saddam Hussein has purged 135 military officers in wake of coup attempt that reportedly began 6/29. Washington Post reports at least 140 officers have been executed. (NYT, WP 7/7)

King Hussein flatly denies Iraqi allegations that Jordan was involved in staging 6/29 coup attempt. Jordan has been host to an increased U.S. intelligence contingent monitoring Iraqi actions. (WP 7/7)

Fateh and Hamas distribute leaflet of agreement to end the violence in the Gaza Strip; 2 Palestinians are killed in Gaza Strip as a result of the current violence. (Algiers VOP 7/7 in FBIS 7/8; WP 7/10)

Association for Civil Rights in Israel releases 1991-92; report cites progress, central problems in o.t. still "rampant." (HaAretz 7/7 in FBIS 7/10)