Monday, July 13, 1992

PM Rabin addresses new Knesset, offering to travel to Arab capitals, inviting Palestinian delegation and Arab country leaders to Jerusalem, and calling for Palestinian acceptance of autonomy. Yitzhak Shamir addresses Knesset, offers praise for old admin., warnings and criticism for the new. Knesset approves new cabinet by a vote of 67 to 53, 17 new cabinet mbrs. sworn in. Pres. Bush congratulates Rabin, invites him to Kennebunkport, Maine, announces Secy. of State. Baker will travel to the region to meet with Rabin, Arab leaders. (ITV 7/13 in FBIS 7/14; NYT, WP 7/14)

Faisal Husseini, not considered part of the Palestinian negotiating team by PM Rabin because he is from Jerusalem, and therefore not among Rabin's 7/13 "invitees," offers counter-invitation fr Rabin to call him at home in Jerusalem. Husseini's position is seen as direct challenge to Syria, which sees Rabin as "carbon copy" of Shamir. (MM 7/14)

Fateh and Hamas sign new, more elaborate agreement to end violence in Gaza Strip as a result of NRC mediation (see 7/8, 10). Eightteen committees have been set up to enforce the agreement. (Qol Yisra'el 7/14 in FBIS 7/14)

Israeli undercover unit disguised as Arabs infiltrate, join 20 Hamas marchers in Gaza city. Hamas activist attacks 1 soldier, IDF opens fire; in ensuing confusion, 1 Hamas activist dies (from IDF bullets) as Hamas reportedly believes undercover IDF are Fateh activists. (Qol Yisra'el 7/13 in FBIS 7/14; MM 7/22)

Pres. Asad meets with Lebanese Pres. Ilyas al-Hirawi, joined later by VP 'Abd al-Halim Khaddam and FM Faruk al-Shara' in Damascus. (Syrian Arab TV 7/13 in FBIS 7/14)

SLA commander Antun Lahd categorically rejects Lebanese elections given current circumstances. (MM 7/14)

Israel, SLA shells Hizballah target, UNIFIL village of Yatar killing 1 civilian, in response to Islamic Resistance mortaring of "security zone" village of Bayt Lif. (MM 7/13; Radio Lebanon 7/13 in FBIS 7/14; WP 7/14)