Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In Gaza, Hamas-hired civil servants in all ministries except schools go on strike, protesting unpaid wages and particularly the PA unity govt.’s recent “recklessness” on the issue, according to a statement issued by a comm. representing the workers. In the West Bank, armed Palestinians open fire on PA presidential guards nr. Balata r.c. nr. Nablus, causing no injuries. IDF troops arrest 1 Palestinian on a late-night raid in a village nr. Ramallah and another Palestinian in c. Hebron accused of an attempted stabbing; patrol in another village nr. Ramallah. Israeli forces demolish 2 buildings in an Israeli settlement nr. Jerusalem after Israeli authorities determine they were built illegally; deliver 2 demolition notices for residential tents under construction nr. Hebron; demolish a wall in a village nr. Ramallah. In Israel, Israeli forces demolish a mosque under construction in a bedouin village nr. Beersheba. (MNA, TOI 5/12; MNA 5/13; PCHR 5/14)

EU envoy to the Palestinian territories John Gatt-Rutter says that the EU is working to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. (MNA 5/12)

P5+1 and Iranian negotiators meet in Vienna for 4-day negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. They will be joined by U.S. reps. on 5/13 to continue drafting the main text of a comprehensive, final deal ahead of the 6/30 deadline. (REU 5/5; AFP 5/11; HA 5/12)

Egyptian pres. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi says that at least 80% of the tunnels between Gaza and Sinai have been destroyed and that the buffer zone being constructed along the border with Gaza has been expanded to 3 km in some places since construction began in 10/2014. (MNA 5/12; TOI 5/13)