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  • November 16, 1993

    Alleged Hamas mbr. Shadi Muslih 'Isa, 18, attacks Israeli police officer, civilian at Erez crossing point, Gaza Strip, and is shot dead. (MM 11/16)

    16-yr.-old Palestinian student Rami...

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Alleged Hamas mbr. Shadi Muslih 'Isa, 18, attacks Israeli police officer, civilian at Erez crossing point, Gaza Strip, and is shot dead. (MM 11/16)

16-yr.-old Palestinian student Rami Ghazzawi killed when IDF fires on youths stoning settler cars in al-Birah. 3 other students wounded. (MM 11/16)

Settlers in Hebron riot, overturning stalls at fruit and vegetable market and attacking Palestinian cars. (MM 11/16)

Israeli Justice M. David Libai, at Maale Ephraim settlement, warns settlers that no one could "take the law into his own hands," says govt. "will have to subdue any attempt to have influence by illegal means." IDF states it will act "firmly and aggressively" to stop settler assaults, will use "reasonable force." (MM 11/16; NYT 11/17)

PM Rabin tells Secy. of State Christopher 12/13 deadline for implementation of DoP may not be met. (MM 11/16, 11/17)

Israeli-Palestinian talks on implementation of Gaza-Jericho provisions of DoP resume in Cairo. Israeli delegation led by IDF Dep. Chief of Staff Amnon Shahak, Palestinian by PLO official Nabil Shaath. (Cairo TV 11/16 in FBIS 11/17)

Israel-PLO economic talks in Paris chaired by Fin. M. Avraham Shohat and PEDRA DG Ahmad Qurai' establish 3 subcomms. on trade and labor, taxation and banking, and currency. Subcomms. are to meet 11/23-25 in Paris, heads of delegations on 11/25. (Qol Yisra'el 11/16 in FBIS 11/17; MM 11/17)

Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) Gov. Muhammad al-Nabulsi says agreement reached with Palestinians to retain Jordanian dinar as o.t. currency, have CBJ supervise and monitor banking. (JTV 11/16 in FBIS 11/17)

Multilateral talks on Middle East environment end in Cairo with Israeli-Arab agreement on Gulf of Aqaba oil spills, dispute on Israeli nuclear waste, Jordan Valley land reclamation. Delegates fr. 40 countries, in 4th mtg., agree on 20 environmental projects. (MENA 11/16 in FBIS 11/17; MM 11/17)

Palestinian leaders in o.t., Jordan, "and elsewhere" submit memorandum to PLO Chmn. Arafat criticizing PLO performance, demanding reforms. (MM 11/17, al-Ray 11/18 in FBIS 11/18)

Knesset Golan caucus considers bill fr. Likud and NRP mbrs. to amend law annexing Golan to require majority of 80 MKs for any change in law. Labor mbrs. of caucus express sympathy with bill, which given current Knesset divisions would effectively bar negotiations with Syria. (MM 11/17)

Syrian VP Khaddam tells foreign correspondents PLO Chmn. Arafat "fell into a big trap" in signing DoP, notes "There are 4 million Palestinian refugees living outside the territories covered by the 'Gaza-Jericho First' agreement." Khaddam claims Arafat "abandoned coordination with the Arab parties," states "I believe the majority of the Palestinian people do not support the agreement." (MM 11/16; SARR 11/16 in FBIS 11/17)

Hizballah offensive on IDF and SLA; Katyusha barrages fired in "security zone," assaults on 2 IDF, 6 SLA posts. 12 SLA mbrs. taken prisoner, at least 2 IDF soldiers and 2 SLA mbrs. wounded. 1 Hizballah mbr. killed in attack. IAF bombs 3 Hizballah bases nr. Ba'labakk, knocks out radio antenna. "Black September 13 Brigades," Fateh group opposed to DoP, claims responsibility for katyusha barrage on Qiryat Shemona. (MM 11/16, 11/17; IDF Radio, AFP 11/16 in FBIS 11/17)

Turkish FM Hikmet Cetin, in interview with JP, says Syria behind Kurdish attacks in Turkey, Israel and Turkey should cooperate on counter-terrorism. (MM 11/16)

Israel Archaeologists Society calls for end to govt. Antiquities Authority search for scrolls in West Bank ("Operation Scroll"), saying search aims at denying Palestinian scholars access to materials and will complicate future Israeli cooperation with Palestinians and Jordan. (WT 11/17)