Friday, December 10, 1982

Military Action:

Lebanese police move into buffer zones between battling militias, call cease-fire in Tripoli after four days of fighting; IDF lifts two-day old curfew in Aley, reimposes it after 3 hours as fighting erupts; leader of Shiite Amal militia kidnapped by Phalange.


2 killed, 3 wounded by sniper fire in Aley during curfew break (110 estimated killed in Chouf fighting in past 6 weeks); US-led bomb squads searching for unexploded weapons and munitions have found 250 kinds of explosives from 17 countries.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Sharon says only 479 killed in massacre (only 20 children, 15 women), contradicting his own Commission testimony; Ezer Weizman may head new center party.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Foreign Minister Elie Salem leaves Britain without firm commitment on troop expansion but is "satisfied."

US and Other Countries: India refuses visas for two Israelis to attend international airport chiefs' conference in New Delhi.

UN: General Assembly calls for creation of Palestinian state and Israeli withdrawal from lands seized in 1967 (Israel, US, Canada and Costa Rica vote no, 23 abstentions, 113 vote yes).