Tuesday, December 14, 1982

Military Action:

Tripoli fighting continues; heavy artillery exchanges in Chouf.

Casualties: 5 killed, 10 wounded in Tripoli, including 4 dead from artillery shell in Palestinian refugee camp.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Israeli Government seeks to patch up rift with US on eve of Habib's return to Israel; Sharon says Israel insists on direct negotiations with Lebanese authorities concerning withdrawal; Sharon says Israel does not intend to annex West Bank but would retain security responsibilities for at least next 50 years, vows there will never be a Palestinian state; Village League leader Duddin claims US acts against Palestinians wishing to negotiate with Israel.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: PLO and Jordanians announce agreement on "special and distinctive relationship" between Jordan and future Palestinian entity; PLO reportedly divided over federation proposals.

Arab Governments: Jordan reportedly concerned that time is running out for Middle East settlement, looks to US pressure on Israel to halt settlements on West Bank; Mubarak and West German leader Hans Kohl join in calling for talks based on the Reagan peace plan.