Thursday, December 16, 1982

Military Action:

Tripoli cease-fire breaks down soon after visiting Syrians depart; grenades and sporadic sniper fire; artillery duels and ambush in Chouf, as Druze and Christian leaders try to restore cease-fire; Haddad militia commander Ahmed Sheet blown up by car bomb in Nabatiyeh; other sabotage acts in recent weeks in Nabatiyeh reportedly aimed at IDF forces.


3 killed, 10 wounded in Tripoli; 1 killed, 3 wounded in Chouf; 21 others wounded in Nabatiyeh explosion.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Begin, in speech to World Zionist Congress, sees good chance of pullout agreement soon, reaffirms settlements are essential; Begin meets with Habib and Draper, who carry proposals to skirt issue of Jerusalem as venue for talks; Israeli military authorities close down Construction and Public Institutions Employees Union headquarters in Ramallah for two months, confiscate union files, arrest union secretary.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Lebanese Foreign Minister Salem, in meeting with Shultz, warns that lengthy occupation would lead to Israeli annexation of South Lebanon, Syrian/PLO protectorate in North Lebanon.

Arab Governments: Syrian Presidents Assad and Foreign Minister Khaddam meet with Gemayel special emissary Jean Obeid, express openness to partial, simultaneous withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon, provided this is linked to a total withdrawal of IDF forces, affirm that Lebanese security forces should patrol Tripoli; Egyptian President Mubarak, in Vienna, calls on PLO to recognize Israel and declares support for Reagan peace plan.

US and Other Countries: Reagan sends letter to Begin urging Israel to agree to withdrawal timetable hours after Habib and Draper meet in Jerusalem with Begin; US announces $5 m. grant, $15 m. loan to Lebanon to help rebuild damaged homes; State Department sources say Israel is offering to sell Central American countries stocks of weapons captured from PLO; over 175 Representatives sign a letter to Reagan asking him to deny advanced weapons to Jordan unless Jordan participates in peace process; in Senate, Kennedy has almost 60 co-sponsors for resolution opposing more aid to Jordan if it continues to boycott peace talks.

UN: Israel and Lebanon join in unanimous General Assembly condemnation of September massacre, but Israel votes against another provision that calls massacre act of genocide; four other resolutions passed which demand that Israel rescind annexation of Golan Heights, support Lebanese efforts to restore its authority throughout its territory, deplore destruction of Palestinian cultural heritage during invasion and ask Israel for restitution.