Saturday, December 25, 1982

Military Action:

Sectarian fighting at Khalde, near airport, sends bullets near US Marines; fighting, including heavy artillery and rocket shelling, around Shuweifat, Aramoun, Bhamdoun; IDF ambushed near Aley with bazooka and light arms fire; President Gemayel makes surprise Christmas visit to US, French and Italian troops to thank them for playing stabilizing role.


3 wounded at Khalde and in mountains; bullet-riddled bodies of 4 Druze young men found near Damour; 2 IDF soldiers wounded near Aley (1 later dies).

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Wazzan, the Gemayel, confer with Draper on withdrawal efforts as first meeting of negotiators is set for Wednesday in Khalde; Lebanese official again claims IDF is provoking Christian-Druze clashes to delay talks and prolong occupation.