Sunday, July 18, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli ammunition dump west of Tiberias blows up, setting fires; dump had received captured PLO ammunition, some in bad condition; PLO and IDF accuse each other of cease-fire violations on Beirut outskirts; PLO says IDF opened up with tank, artillery and machine gun fire in southern suburbs; IDF accuses PLO of firing on positions with light weapons; sporadic shelling and shooting around Beirut tapers off after noon, as cease-fire generally holds. Casualties: IDF selectively reopens crossings closed without explanation Saturday; prices for food in W. Beirut more than double.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Cabinet discusses war for 5 hours at regular weekly meeting, postpones decision on new military action; Ben-Elissar (former Mossad officer) says Israel determined to force PLO to leave Lebanon regardless of cost in world public opinion, says Israel wants Lebanon governed by regime friendly to Israel; possible Kissinger role in Mideast negotiations received with lack of enthusiasm; Begin indicates he will accept 30-day implementation period for PLO evacuation; IDF begins process of releasing 220 youthful detainees.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Senior PLO official claims IDF preparing for military move against PLO strongholds; Wazzan dismisses prospect of Lebanese peace treaty with Israel, saying Lebanon would not sign unilateral treaty; Habib meets with Sarkis and Wazzan; Lebanese official says IDF policies in southern Lebanon expand the authority of Israel's right-wing allies at the expense of the Lebanese central government, claims IDF has disarmed Lebanese government troops and turned their camps over to Phalangists and Haddad followers.

Arab Governments: Saudi and Syrian foreign ministers arrive in Washington for talks with Reagan and Shultz; Egypt's Foreign Minister Ali sends message to Shultz and Shamir stressing need to end Lebanese conflict peacefully.

US and Other Countries: US, with Saudi help, pressing Syria to accept PLO guerrillas, also hopes some will go to Jordan; Reagan says administration has begun major review of Mideast problems, including whether to renew shipments of cluster bombs to Israel; Israeli Ambassador Arens meets with Shultz (first diplomat to meet with Shultz following his swearing in).