Sunday, July 25, 1982

Military Action:

IDF jets attack West Beirut at 10 AM, on day 50 of invasion, hitting same targets as day before, following night-long artillery duels between IDF and PLO (first evening raids on Shatila, Sabra, Burj al-Barajneh camps complicate rescue efforts); only small arms fire reported in Bekaa as Syrians reposition troops, strengthen them; PLO mounts another ambush behind IDF lines in the Bekaa area (patrol hit; 8 IDF soldiers wounded, two vehicles destroyed); IDF forces in Lebanon variously estimated at 120,000.


WAFA reports 12 casualties today, 200 in last four days; IDF bomb hits fuel tank owned by air cargo carrier at airport; ICRC personnel visit Ansar detention camp.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Economy Minister Meridor warns Syria against introducing any new weapons into Lebanese fighting; Sharon reports to Knesset committee on Thursday operation; Shamir reportedly plans visit to US later in the week, Begin set to visit Zaire; Cabinet reportedly approves daily military pressure on Beirut; Israeli officials skeptical of Arafat statement to US Congressional delegation.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Negotiations stalled during Habib tour; PLO says statement it signed for US Congressman McCloskey represents restatement of longstanding positions.

Arab Governments: Habib meets Mubarak in Egypt, reportedly fails to get agreement to take PLO fighters; Habib flies to Rome for talks with Foreign Minister (reportedly plans to meet Hussein of Jordan in London); Egyptian foreign minister plans visit to the US; Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Assad in Damascus, as Khaddam meets Libyan envoy.

US and Other Countries: Rep. Paul McCloskey (D-CA), visiting Beirut as part of a Congressional delegation, claims Arafat signs document accepting all UN resolutions recognizing Israel's right to exist, urges US to open dialogue with PLO.