Thursday, June 10, 1982

Military Action:

Israeli jets attack installations and refugee camps in Beirut's southern suburbs as well as airport; Khalde bombarded; Palestinian camps of Sabra and Burj al-Barajneh hit, as well as Datsun car depot, Pepsi bottling plant, farm equipment warehouse, tin can factory, water purification plant and Shia Muslim center of Ouzai; more leaflets dropped over Beirut as one of 'safe' escape routes listed on leaflet was being bombed; Israel seals off Beirut after blowing up bridge along the Beirut-Damascus highway; 19 Syrian batteries destroyed (of 4 new ones moved into Bekaa area, 2 destroyed, 2 damaged); 61 Syrian jets hit since June 6, as well as 5 helicopters); Israel says it captured hundreds of guerrillas; hundreds of Israeli tanks, jeeps, trucks flowing into Lebanon via Metulla (many with maps of the Bekaa valley); Israel and Syria declare cease-fire; 18 Syrian jets shot down. IDF invasion force now estimated at 60,000- 100,000.

PLO fighters leave camps, move to defend towns, 130,000 Palestinians reported in Beirut area; WAFA announces fighting in Sidon continues, as DFLP says Israel bombed Pales-tinian camps near northern port city of Tripoli; resistance to Israeli advance fierce on edges of Beirut.

Syrians involved in fierce fighting along Beirut-Damascus highway; fierce air battles with Israelis.


Selected journalists allowed to visit Tyre describe town as a "bombed out shell," with rubble littering streets; Tyre mayor says most buildings destroyed; PLO puts casualties at 8,000, mostly civilians; Palestinian Red Crescent puts Arab casualties at 10,000; Sidon reported nearly abandoned as Sidon residents line up for food, which some had lacked for 3-4 days; Israel orders UN forces in Lebanon to stop delivering food to Lebanese civilians caught in the fighting.

Maj. Gen. Y. Adam, slated to take over Mossad in the fall, killed in ambush; 68 killed, 424 wounded Israelis to date.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Unanimous support for invasion erodes as Jerusalem Post expresses concern about "newly expanded war" and Haaretz criticizes involvement in "dormant civil war in Lebanon"; Amb. Arens outlines possible plans, says Israel may withdraw within a few months if a new Lebanese regime is set up.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Druze leader Jumblatt allows Lebanese Army to take over some Druze positions in Chouf area and in Beirut; Gemayel pushes for Army to fill vacuum; Haddad states plans to incorporate all areas taken by IDF into "Free Lebanon," bans Pal-estinians from his area; Haddad units involved in "mop-up" operations with Israelis.

US: Reagan sends letter to Israel asking for cease-fire; Haig rejects invitation to go to Jerusalem; US expresses concern over invasion after Saudi Foreign Minister meets Reagan in Bonn and messages from Brezhnev (Begin responds that Israel will observe cease-fire Fri-day but not withdraw until Israeli terms are met).