Friday, June 18, 1982

Military Action:

Israel says it observes cease-fire despite gunfire in Beirut; Phalangists firing artillery, mortars on PLO positions in Beirut, camps; Syria reinforces highway positions and moves in more tanks; Syrians close down satellite station near Damascus; Israel continues to move armor, tanks into position for a major assault; Syria rejects Sarkis' request for Syrian troops to leave Lebanon; IDF takes up positions along Green Line and moves into central Beirut; PLO reinforces defenses (ramparts, mines) around refugee camps.


Israel asks Caltex to repair war-damaged Sidon refinery, as Israeli tankers sell oil to Lebanese power plants, filling stations; Sidon high school basement is tomb for 100-260 when hit by Israeli bomb; smaller mass graves reported throughout Sidon, mostly women and children who had fled Tyre and local residents; Norway protests arrest of 2 Norwegians working in Sidon hospital; Palestinian detainees reportedly denied food, beaten (some reportedly died), left naked, blind-folded, marked by cross on their back; Sidon civilian deaths estimated at 1000 to 2000 (does not include Palestinians, fighters or civilians); Ain el-Hilweh camp flattened; doctors fear epidemics; of 16 hospitals, only 4 functioning. Israel insists relief supplies be brought in through Israel; Economics Minister, in Tyre, says only 10 percent of buildings will need reconstruction; IDF disclaims authority over Christian allies.

Political Responses:

Israel/Occupied Territories: Sharon says there was no promise not to liquidate PLO infrastructure, claims invasion will improve prospects for autonomy negotiations, says IDF will let Lebanese "finish off" PLO; Begin meets Haig in New York.

Palestinians/Lebanese: Habib meets for fourth day with Lebanese and reportedly talks indirectly with PLO; Jumblatt still rejects partici-pation in Council, holds out for guarantees from various parties, especially for PLO; no agreement on new government; Syrians and Palestinians reject efforts to get them to abandon military positions in Beirut; PLO says it will negotiate with Lebanese after IDF withdraws.

Arab Governments: Syrian/Iranian governments discuss military pact; in Cairo, riot police prevent 3000 marchers from going to Presidential Palace in protest growing out of Friday prayers.

US and Other Countries: Haig asks Begin to keep IDF out of Beirut, reportedly says US would not support further moves against the PLO if it became purely political; EEC considers sanctions against Israel; Reagan pledges $ lOm. in disaster relief for Lebanon, above $25 m. already in pipeline.

UN: UN may deploy 42-man squad to oversee cease-fire (they were in area prior to invasion to record border violations); UN ex-tends UNIFIL mandate for 60 days.